May 5th, 2011

it wasn’t a good idea

i always get the feeling of missing him..and i always does.

so when i woke up earlier what i did was to read his messages. well reading his messages was a part of my routine everyday..hehe.

so while im looking for his messages, i did see something and that something made me cry.

i felt so ashamed reading his messages, i just wished i did something for him that no one could ever do..i just hope i gave everything he wanted..


"basta isa lang ang tatandaan mo. mahal kita higit pa sa iniisip mo at nila"

i won’t forget him saying this lines to me..i know in my mind and heart that i love him

and i always do…

i will never forget a guy who gave everything for me


May 4th, 2011
Sometimes you gotta smile and walk away, hold your tears and pretend your okay.
April 30th, 2011

my babies that i love ;)

it felt like it was yesterday

it felt like it was yesterday

what is IMPOERTANT is h i d d e n to the E Y E S -from the prince and the fox
i l o v e y o u v o n r y a n
April 14th, 2011

so incoming 2nd year ka na?

ung starbucks ba, kayo magttraining don?
Asketh - iyak-tawa-deactivated20111017

depende po sa mga students un kung dun nila gusto mag train.

tapos n po b ang starbucks?

ahh.. okay. haha. ayun isa nga ako sa mga contestants nung Mr. Nursing 2010. ako din eh.. hindi pa kita nakikita hahah.. what yr knb?
Asketh - iyak-tawa-deactivated20111017

first year plng po:)

ako 'yung madahon.. wahahaha
Asketh - iyak-tawa-deactivated20111017

hmmm..di ko maalala hehe sorry